Child Custody

Are you looking for child custody lawyers in Maryland? Or are you planning to get divorced from your spouse and wondering if you will win your child custody or not? Before moving any further, it should be clear what child custody is. Child custody is considered a legal term that is about guardianship and also describes the relationship between a parent and a guardian.

Child custody is legal custody which is about making the decisions of the children. Parents when living together have joint custody of the child. However, the question of child custody arises when situations like divorce, Separation, adoption, etc. develop. In such situations, it is crucial for one person to have a child’s custody.

Family law in Maryland ensures that you get your child custody if you are capable of upbringing your child. In order to win your child custody in Maryland, you should hire a capable and qualified family law attorney who is able to tell you all the technical details and enable you to win your child custody.

Child Custody

There are certain things that should be kept in mind when planning for child custody in an effective manner.

  • The individual who has custody of the child is responsible for taking care of the child with respect to emotions, medical, and education. However, other individuals who do not win custody of the child might not have the primary role in taking care of the child but can meet the child as per the orders.
  • The child’s custody is decided as per the view of the judge about the interest and welfare of the child. The judge gives the custody of the child to the individual who can take care of the child better and economically stable. An individual who can meet the emotional, social, medical, and educational needs of the child better is chosen for the child’s custody.
  • The focus is on choosing an individual for a child’s custody to provide a secure environment.
  • The mother is always preferred over the father when giving custody of the child as it is believed that a mother can take care of the child better.
  • The child can decide his/her custody if he is over 18. In such cases, children are considered mature enough to take their own decision about living with the right person.
  • Both parents have legal custody but one who is eligible as per law wins the child’s custody.

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So there are certain things that are considered by judges when deciding about a child’s custody. You should have a thorough knowledge of these general things although your family law attorney can educate you much better on this.

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